VideoRobot Review

Frankly speaking, it is great video production app. The thing I enjoy the most is the easy-to-follow process of video creation. It’s 6 step process that’s really quite straightforward. In other programs such as this one, some of the measures were uncertain for me. Here everything is intuitive. And naturally, 300 pre-made templates are also something special for this sort of tool. If you are looking for animation video software then VideoRobot should become your number one option. VideoRobot

This is another in a row video production app that I’m going to review here. Videos are attracting an increasing number of visitors and that’s the reason why we need better and more developed video software. This VideoRobot review will remove your doubts about the program. From the conclusion of this article you should know whether it is prudent to invest in this program.

As vendors claims VideoRobot is a next-generation video technologies software that is far ahead of their opponents. I would not fully agree with this but I can honestly say that this cloud-based program has some cutting-edge attributes which other video creation apps does not. This program is very similar to the last one that I have reviewed on The Geek Review VideoRobot Review

Along with the membership you get access to 300 completed for you templates that are prepared to begin with. This is the most important difference between VideoRobot along with other movie production programs. Ready-to-use templates really simplify and accelerate your own work.

Of course, VR has some shared attributes like text attributes, creating your own cartoon from scratch, female and male voiceovers, pre-made graphics and so on.

Below I will describe a standard procedure of creating a video from begin to finish.

Step 1

In step one, you need to pick out a type of video. There are 4 options to start with — 3D Avatar programs, Kinetic Animation programs, Whiteboard Animation Templates and Blank Template.

Measure 2

At the next step, you have to choose a template. You can search them by key word and it is very useful because as I’ve mentioned previously — VR provides about 300 of pre-made templates. Each of the templates may be previewed. And remember that every template has its own male and female voiceover.

Step 3

In that scenario, you’ll have to select your actor (avatar), both male and female can be found.

Step 4

Here you are going got chose a voice and choose whether to use or not a background music clip. In “Choose a voice” part it is possible to use pre-made voiceover, give a text into speech, record your own audio or insert a media library document.

Step 5

In the next step, you are able to decide on a logo, location of the logo, background and your contact information. This measure is called “Personalize video”.

Measure 6

It is the final step, but it is also the most developed one. Here you preview and edit your own video. You can add elements like — media, text, intro and outro animations, lower thirds, text animations and effects — just to list the most crucial.

Overall I could say it is very developed but also very easy and fast to use. Recommended for everybody.


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